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Klein Curacao Trip
Klein Curacao Trip

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Is it worth it? How long is the sailing? Is there a toilet on Klein Curacao? How much does a trip cost? All answers to the most frequently asked questions about Klein Curacao can be found here!

Answers to all your questions

Do I have to book in time if I want to go to Klein Curacao?

Especially in the high season, it is wise to book in advance if you want to visit Klein Curacao. In high season, almost all boats are fully booked a week (or more) in advance. It would of course be a shame if you had to miss Klein Curacao if you did not book it in time. And why wouldn't you do it? Due to the cancellation policy of all the different boats and providers, you can cancel free of charge up to 72 hours (or less) in advance.

What is the best way to discover Klein Curacao?

There is only one way to discover Klein Curacao and that is by boat. The best way to experience Klein Curacao is to reserve a spot on one of the boats.
Luxury Yacht from Miss Ann Boattrips
Luxury Yacht from Mermaid Boat Trips
Catamaran from Bluefinn Charters
Catamaran from Irie Tours
Mini Catamaran from Breeze Boattrips
Super fast Powerboat from Powerboat Caribbean

Is Klein Curacao worth it?

Klein Curacao is a beautiful little bounty island with a beautiful white beach and crystal clear azure blue water. You can enjoy yourself all day long on Klein Curacao. Of course enjoy swimming, sunbathing and chilling, but you can also take a nice walk to the iconic lighthouse or to one of the shipwrecks. Or take a look at one of the turtle nests.

What to see on Klein Curacao?

Klein Curacao is a small, uninhabited, tropical bounty island with a pearly white beach, an azure blue sea, a spectacular reef and a beautiful underwater world. This lovely island is located approximately 25 kilometers off the coast of Curacao and is approximately 2 square kilometers in circumference. The beach of this beautiful island is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Although there are no mountains or trees on Klein Curacao, there is plenty to do and see. An excursion to Klein Curacao is mainly done to swim, sunbathe and chill out. It is mainly relaxing, but there are also a number of sights such as the iconic pink lighthouse and the various shipwrecks.

How long is the sailing to Klein Curacao?

The distance from Curacao to Klein Curacao is approximately 25km. Most boats that offer day trips take about 1.5 hours. The fastest boat is the Powerboat from Powerboat Caribbean. With the Powerboat you can spend 45 minutes on the beach of Klein Curacao and without getting seasick.

Is there a toilet or toilet on Klein Curacao?

Only if you sail with the boats from Miss Ann Boat Trips or Mermaid Boat Trips do you have access to a toilet on the island itself. These providers have their own beach house on the island with a toilet and shower. If you sail with one of the other boats, you will have to use the toilet on board.

Is there telephone coverage or internet on Klein Curacao?

Klein Curacao is an uninhabited island without internet and without telephone reception. So you can leave your smartphone at home if you want to take photos with it. Wonderful, right? Chill out and enjoy a day in peace and quiet without being disturbed by your phone.

How much does a trip to Klein Curacao cost?

A day trip to Klein Curacao costs around 110 euros per adult. Children up to 12 years old receive a 50% discount. It seems pricey, but then you get a fully catered day, including the crossing, a BBQ lunch and an Open Bar with alcohol from 12:30 PM. Please note: the facilities and care differ per provider, so first take a good look at the differences. You find here all day trips in a row.

Can you dive on Klein Curacao?

Of course! If you already have a Padi certification, you can dive on Klein Curacao. It is really a dive for the more experienced diver. On the other hand you can also make an introductory dive. Then you obviously won't go deep or far, but it is a really great place to try diving for the first time. If you want to take diving gear with you, you must notify the relevant tour operator in advance. At Miss Ann Boattrips you can immediately book your intro dive or 1-tank dive.

Do you get seasick when you sail to Klein Curacao?

The sea between Curaçao and the heavenly Klein Curaçao can be really rough and wild depending on the weather. If you are prone to seasickness, take a pill against seasickness and have breakfast beforehand. You can experience seasickness with all boats, with the exception of the Powerboat. With the Powerboat you can be on the beach of Klein Curacao in 45 minutes. Because the boat sails so quickly and low over the sea, the risk of seasickness is nil.

Which boats go to Klein Curacao?

There are various providers and boats that offer day trips to Klein Curacao. Most boats leave around 8:00 am and return to Curacao around 5:00 pm. On average it takes about 1.5 hours of sailing. You can go with a luxury yacht, with different catamarans or with a fast Powerboat. Caribbean Tours offers you a complete list with all trips in a row. You can compare trips and prices here and book directly.

Is it better to book through a ticket company or directly?

It's possible to do both. The prices do not differ and you pay just as much with an online ticket company as directly with the day trip provider. So you can easily book with Caribbean Tours. A Dutch company with Thuiswinkel Waarborg Certificering (the reliability certificate for online stores in the Netherlands) and they offer the lowest price guarantee. Expect excellent customer service that is rated 9.6 by their customers and 98% of our customers recommend us. In short: the place to book your tickets for Klein Curacao or other fun activities on Curacao.


The day trips to Klein Curacao are immensely popular and it is not wise to book at the very last minute. The chance that the Klein Curacao boat trips then 99% are sold out, especially in high season! It is extremely disappointing if you find out too late that you cannot participate. Reserve your spot in advance from the Netherlands. And why should you wait to make a reservation? Klein-curacao.nl works closely with Caribbean Tours, the largest provider of Klein Curacao Trips. When booking, you only make a small deposit and your place is guaranteed. Caribbean Tours is a Dutch company, affiliated with Thuiswinkel Waarborg and also offers you the lowest price guarantee. So avoid disappointment and buy here Get your ticket in advance so that you are assured of a place.

Compare all day trips to Klein Curacao

There are several options to go to Klein Curacao. Which boat or day trip should you choose? Klein-curacao.nl has listed all the options for you in a comparison table so that you can easily compare the Klein Curacao Boats and you can also reserve your spot directly online. If you want as luxurious as possible with as many facilities as possible on the island such as a beach house, toilets, shower and lovely beach beds, choose Mermaid Boat Trips or Miss Ann Boat trips. If you want a more sporty sail, go with one of the Catamarans from Bluefinn Charters or with those from Irie Tours. If you want a smaller scale, the Breeze boat is the best option. Do you absolutely not want to get seasick? Then go with the fast Powerboat that will take you to the island in 50 minutes. Compare, book online and enjoy that wonderful bounty island with that beautiful azure blue clear sea.

Do you want to know what the prices are to Klein Curacao? The independent Klein Curacao specialist,klein-curacao.nl has written an article about this called 'Klein Curacao Prices‘.