Powerboat Caribbean

From 155 euros per person
Price is subject to price changes and exchange rate fluctuations.

Are you not interested in just relaxing on a tropical bounty island and are you also looking for some excitement? Then the Powerboat Caribbean day trip is the best option for you to sail to Klein Curacao. You also don't have to get out of bed as early as with the other Klein Curacao day trips, as the Powerboat Caribbean only departs at 10:00 am. Thanks to the enormous fast rib you can be on the island in about 50 minutes. After the captain has welcomed you and given you instructions, you sail to “klein”. Make sure you sit firmly and hold on tight, because you will shoot across the water at lightning speed and you will be on Klein Curacao in no time. An extra adrenaline kick that you get for free with this day trip. Because the Powerboat sails so quickly over the waves, you have virtually no chance of getting seasick. If you suffer from seasickness, the choice is quickly made and book the Powerboat. You will be on the island for approximately 4 hours.

Unfortunately, the Powerboat Caribbean does not offer hotel transfer, so you will have to come to Jan Thiel yourself. There is plenty of space to park.

Departure: 5 times a week on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 10:00 am from the quay at Zanzibar (Jan Thiel). You'll be back there around 4:30 PM, just in time for happy hour at Zanzibar if you still feel like it.


  • Uninhabited island with pearly white beach and azure blue sea
  • Small-scale setup with a maximum of 10 people, which gives you the feeling that you are out with friends
  • Adrenaline kick from super fast boat
  • Zero chance of seasickness
  • In 45 minutes on Klein Curacao
  • Including BBQ lunch, water, soft drinks, beer and wine
  • Doesn't leave until 10am

Reserve your spot in time!

The day trips to Klein Curacao are immensely popular and it is not wise to book at the very last minute. The chance that the Klein Curacao boat trips are sold out, especially in high season, is 99% and it is extremely disappointing if you find out too late that you cannot come. Reserve your spot in advance from the Netherlands, and be sure to do this during the high season. And, why should you wait to make a reservation? Klein-curacao.nl works closely with Caribbean Tours, the largest provider of Klein Curacao Trips. When booking, you only make a small deposit and your place is guaranteed. Caribbean Tours is a Dutch company, is affiliated with Thuiswinkel Waarborg and also offers you the lowest price guarantee. So avoid disappointment and buy here Get your ticket in advance so that you are assured of a place.

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Klein Curacao Trip
Klein Curacao Trip

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