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Klein Curacao Trip
Klein Curacao Trip
Klein Curacao Trip

Spend the night on Klein Curacao

Spending the night on an uninhabited tropical island gives you the real Robinson feeling! Do you want a unique once-in-a-life-time experience with friends and/or family? Spend the night on Klein Curacao!

Experience what it is like when all the tourists leave and the sun slowly sets into the sea while you light the campfire. Enjoy the starry sky and the company. In the morning you wake up to the rising sun and the curious turtles are already swimming in the azure blue water. Do what you like. There's no one else there! You are on a desert island…

Since an overnight stay on Klein Curacao is not offered in a standard trip, the only option is to do this with a private charter. So it is not cheap, but it is guaranteed to be a special and unforgettable experience! Below is an option to spend the night on Klein Curacao with a beautiful sailing ship.

Spend the night on a sailing yacht

Imagine sailing on a private yacht in a crystal blue sea to a lush tropical island to spend the night. This is it! The sound of the sea is all you can hear. Delectable dishes being prepared are all you can smell. This is all part of this very exclusive adventure where you will spend the night on Klein Curacao. This luxury sailing trip is always private and you are only on board with your own group of max. 4 people. You can charter this sailing ship for around 1,800 euros for a maximum of 4 people.

In collaboration with our partner Caribbean Tours, there are also other options and providers to stay overnight on Klein Curacao. If you are interested in this, please contact us via WhatsApp (green icon in the image).

The price shown is an indication and depends on exchange rate changes and price adjustments

Spend the night on Klein Curacao


The day trips to Klein Curacao are immensely popular and it is not wise to book at the very last minute. The chance that the Klein Curacao boat trips then 99% are sold out, especially in high season! It is extremely disappointing if you find out too late that you cannot participate. Reserve your spot in advance from the Netherlands. And why should you wait to make a reservation? Klein-curacao.nl works closely with Caribbean Tours, the largest provider of Klein Curacao Trips. When booking, you only make a small deposit and your place is guaranteed. Caribbean Tours is a Dutch company, affiliated with Thuiswinkel Waarborg and also offers you the lowest price guarantee. So avoid disappointment and buy here Get your ticket in advance so that you are assured of a place.

Compare all day trips to Klein Curacao

There are several options to go to Klein Curacao. Which boat or day trip should you choose? Klein-curacao.nl has listed all the options for you in a comparison table so that you can easily compare the Klein Curacao Boats and you can also reserve your spot directly online. If you want as luxurious as possible with as many facilities as possible on the island such as a beach house, toilets, shower and lovely beach beds, choose Mermaid Boat Trips or Miss Ann Boat trips. If you want a more sporty sail, go with one of the Catamarans from Bluefinn Charters or with those from Irie Tours. If you want a smaller scale, the Breeze boat is the best option. Do you absolutely not want to get seasick? Then go with the fast Powerboat that will take you to the island in 50 minutes. Compare, book online and enjoy that wonderful bounty island with that beautiful azure blue clear sea.

Do you want to know what the cheapest day trips are to Klein Curacao? The independent Klein Curacao specialist,klein-curacao.nl has written an article about this called 'Affordable travel to Klein Curacao‘.