Would you like a sneak preview* of Klein Curacao? This is now possible thanks to Mermaid Boat Trips and Showme Caribbean. Below you will find a Klein Curacao live stream from the observation tower Mermaid Boat Trips. How cool is that? Press play and enjoy the bounty island of Klein Curacao live.
Tip from us: enjoy the amazing sunset that starts around 6:15 PM local time.
*watching these images can be addictive and make you want to see it in real life!


The Klein Curacao specialist, klein-curacao.nl has collected all the information for you about the various Klein Curacao trips. With this overview you can quickly make the right choice and book directly online with our partner Caribbean Tours so that you are assured of a place.


Mermaid Boat Trips

With the Mermaid you are guaranteed a beautiful beach house with a lookout tower and excellent catering including breakfast buffet, BBQ lunch and non-alcoholic drinks. All the necessary ingredients for a great day on Klein Curacao. Let the relaxing begin!


Miss Ann Boat Trips

You sail with the luxury motor yacht from Miss Ann Boat Trips to the bounty island of Klein Curacao. The day trip includes buffet breakfast, BBQ lunch and non-alcoholic drinks. Enjoy the Beach House with beach beds and all facilities such as toilet and shower.


Bluefinn Charters

Take one of the Bluefinn Charters catamarans to the pearly white beach and azure blue sea of Klein Curacao. This day trip with Catamaran includes an XL BBQ Lunch and Premium Open Bar with alcohol from 12:30 PM. On the way back the sails are hoisted.


Powerboat Caribbean

With the super fast Powerboat you can be on Klein Curacao in 45 minutes without getting seasick. You don't leave until 10:00 am so you don't have to get up early. The day trip includes BBQ Lunch, open Bar and a guaranteed adrenaline rush.


Breeze Boat Trips

This is the perfect Klein Curacao day trip if a small scale appeals to you more. With a group of up to 30 people on board you will travel comfortably and relaxed to Klein Curacao on a beautiful mini Catamaran. The day trip includes BBQ Lunch and Open Bar.


Irie Tours

You sail with one of the Irie Tours catamarans to Klein Curacao. Sun, sea & beach await you! The day trip includes breakfast, BBQ Lunch and Open Bar incl. alcohol from 12:30 PM. Experience the bounty feeling on this uninhabited island. Enjoy Klein Curacao!